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    Guy (a profe.) asks that I show this around...
    If I have violated a rule by doing so, it was an
    accident and not meant to be malicious.. :eek:
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<- Post as Follows ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Hi All,
    What did the Vietnam War do to You, Your Family and Your Friends?
    Tell us! Make your memory a permanent part of the American historical record!
    I am a professor at Brooklyn College in New York City and a member of chapter 72 of the VVA. I am searching for folks who lived in New York City between roughly 1964 and 1975, and who are willing to take part in the Brooklyn College Vietnam Oral History Project.
    This oral history project, which began in the Spring 2003 aims to supplement the "official" record of events with the memories of the little guy, the person who did not necessarily make the big decisions, but was affected by them anyway, and saw the influence of the War on New York City.
    I am interested in talking with veterans, of course, but also the husbands, wives, parents, brothers and sisters whose lives were changed by the events surrounding the Vietnam War.
    I have collected approximately 50 interviews from Vietnam Veterans all over New York City. Any assistance you can provide will help to preserve the memories of our Vietnam Veterans.
    For more information you can call us at 718.951.4539, during our office hours on Tuesday, Thursday 9-4 or email us @ [email protected].
    Please check out our website at http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/pnapoli/vietnam/vn_frameset.html or our yahoo group at Napolivietnam.

    Thank you for your time. Any assistance that you can provide is appreciated.

    Phil Napoli
    Brooklyn College History Dept.
    2900 Bedford Ave.
    Whitehead Hall
    Brooklyn, NY 11210

    [FONT=Arial Black[COLOR=Red]]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.END Post <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    That's it..... If it interests anyone, I am glad i was able to help.
    This person was allowed to post at our official unit site, so, as I
    stated, I'm just passing along info...
    Take Care & Stay Safe...
    SoldierByte :)

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