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    I was affected by Vietnam. 69 /70 I was on Dong Ha Mt. But I only remember 1 day. The day the chopper took us to the Mt. That is it. I don t know if I spent my time on the hill, or went down then back up. I was with F Battery 26 Arty. My MOS 17D20. I don t remember any names of the guys I work with. I remember Nothing. So I am asking any of you guys if you can help me. If you were on the Mt same time I was, or you mite know some guys that were on the Mt. A lot of guys want to forget Nam, I need to remember, or find out what I did and who I was. Been 44 years now, I am not getting any younger. Don t know the date god will be taking me. Please Guys help me.
    Thank You
    Russell Hunter
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