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    Okay, so if this is already threaded some place and i have not found it i am extremely sorry. But, my buddy and i were talking today and he was informed by a retired army capt. that there was a way he could still apply or submit paperwork for military retirement. Is that true or not. The reason I would even pose such a question is that i am rated at 90 percent disabled all service connected and so is he. If the Army and probably the military in general actually allowed soldiers to get help when we needed it then there might be far more medically retired soldiers in this country but anyone who serves or served understands that the military never gave 2 shi&s about you or what got hurt. Rub dirt in it and drive on. Now that some of us are broken and no longer in this seems to be something worth checking out. So let me pose this question one more time.

    Can a veteran of the army after getting out honorably file papers after being rated at 90 percent to be declared medically retired from the Army similar to how troops get medically retired from the service while their in the military?

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