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    Here's a couple more ideas to help get the word out to veterans about Veterans Resources. I've created two more files. One is a single business card sized image you can print out on "T" shirt transfers. The other is a Word file containing a filled out template for Avery business cards for VRO. They use Avery card stock with 10 cards to the sheet. Avery # 8871, 8873 or 8876 works just fine. These pull apart sheets are in most office supply stores. Print them out and leave them around town or just hand out to fellow veterans.

    The thought comes to mind that Christmas is around the corner. Print a whole sheet of Tee Shirt transfers and iron them on as breast pocket logo's. Give them out to your favorite vet or make up a bunch of Tee's or even Sweat shirts and donate to the local veterans home. Sweat Shirts and pants are very popular items in the veterans homes as gifts.

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