National Alliance & League POW/MIA meetings last weekend

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    (June 21-23, 2007) Again the families are told the same thing from the man in charge of DPMO Charles Ray. He has said the same crap as his predecessors did. It is a fact they haven't followed up a "valid" live sighting report since 1998. So what is Stoney Beach doing besides looking for bones? Information has been released that live sighting reports have come in over those years but they always POO POOed them.

    Ann Mills Griffiths, head of the National League of Families has slammed H.Res 111 ( call for a House Select Committee on POW/MIAs) and is totaly against it. She has also slammed (former US Rep. of N.C. and Elizabeth Stewart (daughter of AF Col Peter J. Stewart, MIA in North Vietnam by insisting their new book "An Enormous Crime" will kill the issue and is detrimental to all the efforts to clear the issue up. The book is basically an indepth history of the who, what, when, where, and how, in the POW/MIA issue from the 60s to date. In it, Mrs. Griffiths does not come out to be the Angel and Savior she thinks she is. I encourage anyone interested in the issue to read the book and come to your own conclusion as to the sincerity of our Government to "Leave no one behind". ..... or at least the truth.

    On the other hand, Lynn O'Shea and Dolores Alfond ( of the National Alliance of Families ) are in favor of backing H.Res.111 and promoting the Hendon/Stewart Book.

    I could fill up a lot of space in here just on the meetings that I attended in Washington DC with my partner. It gave us some answers to old questions and made us ask new ones. The issue is far from over, even though every year I go, there are fewer and fewer parents there. The good thing is that the sons , daughters and grandkids are picking up the ball. Our answers may rest in their questions.

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