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    I'm an army veteran recently laid off from the oil industry. I have started my own business using a patent that I have received. I need help launching the product and would like 100 fellow veterans to benefit from my innovation with me. (See the invention below- Simple but valuable)


    Sports fans are VERY passionate about cheering-on & identifying with their favorite teams!

    That fan passion drives them to buy products that help them do both.

    I’ve patented a wearable megaphone and I’m going to put sports team logos on them and sale them.

    I can make them for around $0.98 each and sell them with logos for $5 - $8 each.

    I anticipate selling 50+ million units to sports fans that attend games every year.

    I need 100 people to partner with me and help fund the necessary runway for take off

    by contributing $200 per month for 6 months.

    When the money starts rolling in, we all get paid for years.

    I’ve spent thousands of dollars to get the product ready.

    I have manufacturing set up and ready to go.

    Most people needlessly throw away $200 per month on fast food and entertainment.

    Screw that! Let’s pool our efforts & resources together and get paid Big Time.

    30% of my earnings on the product is reserved for the 100 partners to divide up.

    Drop me an email. (John3m(at) Once I have 100 people interested,

    I will send the link to everyone at once so you can learn more and we can get started. Gaphic.png

    Also, tell your friends about this opportunity so we can get to 100 people faster.

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