Need help from my fellow OIF veterans!!!

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    I was deployed in August of 2008 to July of 2009, and spent a little less then 10 months in Mosul on fob marez. I was a gunner on convoys to harbor gate, escorting supply trucks to Turkey and back. Towards the later part of the deployment I began to experience numbness and strong tingling sensations in my right arm. I could also feel a pinching type feeling on a spot on my neck near my shoulder blade on my right side. As most of you know as soldiers we hate getting taken off mission for anything and often will just play injured, so to speak. After returning home I did mention the issue on my PDHA and was submitted for the 1st time for right triceps tendonitis. Over the next 7 years i would be submitted a total of 3 times for a claim for right triceps tendonitis, I had an xray on one claim, a nerve induction test on my right arm another time, both coming back negative. The entire time I told the DAV, who was helping me with my claim that the issue wasn't in my arm but my back by my shoulder blade. After multiple failed claims and no answers I was told that I needed to go to a civilian doctor and have them say whatever was wrong was service connected. This entire time my condition has continued to get worse, to the point were my fingers are always numb and I have moments of paralysis in my right hand. I did finally get an MRI and the results showed a bulging disc in my neck that is pinching off the nerve that runs down my arm to my fingers. Fusion surgery is needed and obviously I think this should be taken care of by the VA. The issue I have is that I don't have a specific event that caused it and the only thing I've could ever come up with was the constant beating I took in the gunners hatch due to the horrible roads conditions in Iraq. I strongly believe that with the weight of the gear we wore, along with the constant bumps and getting slammed around is what caused it. I have lost touch with all of the guys I deployed with and this is where I Need your help!! I need letters from soldiers who were deployed in Iraq, confirming the horrible roads conditions and how much of a beating we took just driving around over there. I completed somewhere around 150 trips from Mosul to harbor gate and back and I just can't see any other cause. If I don't get this fixed soon I could be in serious trouble, but I need your help to convince the VA of how bad the road conditions really were over there. I really appreciate anyone's help.

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    SGT Kyle Ringeisen
    A 2/146 FA 2006-2012
    Deployed Mosul Iraq 2008-09

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