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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by slapyo, May 5, 2005.

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    I found a chat to use on the site. It will require you to make an account .... all that is required is a username and a password ... your email address is OPTIONAL!

    How to use the new chat:

    1 - Just click the chat link at the top of the forums and it will load the chat. It will load the front page of the site again, but after that you can browse through the site all that you would like and you shouldn't have any problems.

    2 - Make an account or sign in.

    3 - Click the chat in the orange bar in the upper left ... it will bring the chat window out. It also displays how many users are in the chat room currently.

    Check it out, give it a shot. It's a really awesome service that works great I think. Give any feedback, comments, or even suggestions in this post. Also if you notice something is wrong post here too so that I know and can look into it.

    Note: You must be logged in and in the forums to see the chat link across the top. The chat link is not on any of the other pages. This is so the chat will work and load properly and so that you also are logged into the forums to use the chat.

    You can click the chat word in the orange bar again to remove the chat from the screen. It will toggle whether or not the chat room is showing.
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    The new chat room works great. I would suggest that every member when they enter the forums that they also enter the chat room at the same time. When you activate the chat room, you can retract the module after activating it, but you will still be able to see when a member enters the room and wants to chat. I for one, would like seeing the chat room getting more use. This has been a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT and we will return to normal programing momentarily.

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