new VA study - definite link ptsd/metabolic syndrome, etc

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    I would like to recommend anyone with PTSD should subscribe to the VA's own National Center for Post traumatic Stress Disorders email updates; as I just found a new VA conducted study that shows more proof that PTSD affects our bodies and may help you with a claim in the future - just remember that you need to show it to a doctor and get a written medical opinion, as presenting this to the VA is useless!

    Here is the article and link:
    . Elevated risk of metabolic syndrome in Veterans with PTSD: As
    evidence grows about the increased risk of physical health problems in
    individuals who have PTSD, it is important to examine factors that
    explain this risk. New findings from a study of Veterans suggest that
    metabolic syndrome constitutes one potential explanation. Metabolic
    syndrome refers to a combination of risk factors that include
    hypertension, abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, and elevated
    lipids. It is associated with serious chronic health problems,
    including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and even mortality. Read

    Heppner, P.S., Crawford, E.F., Haji, U.A., Afari, N., Hauger, R.L.,
    Dashevsky, B.A., Horn, P.S., Nunnink, S.E., and Baker, D.G. (2009). The
    association of posttraumatic stress disorder and metabolic syndrome: A
    study of increased health risk in Veterans. BMC Medicine, 7, 1-27.
    PILOTS ID 31752.

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