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    good morning, i just wanted to say hi, and to become part of this great forum for veterans issues.
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    Welcome aboard GRUNT. We need all the Army vets we can get. What outfit did you serve with? I was with the BIG RED ONE 66/67. John Spadea
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    Welcome Grunt! I was 1st. Cavalry Division 1967
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    My name is Teri Stinson.I am the ex-wife of a Vietnam
    Veteran,and mother of our four daughters ages
    8,12,19 and 20
    The girls' dad is a Vietnam veteran , discharged in
    1969. George De Angelis.He suffers many physical and
    emotional disabilities and is unable to financially
    support our girls .
    i am writing this letter and sending it out to as
    many people and advocates that I can find on the
    We are seeking anyone who can remember
    him, or who may have served with him.
    He was in Vietnam from 7/31/67 to 3/31/69
    he was assigned to :
    527th personnel service co,
    518th personnel service co
    854th transportation co
    127th military police co.
    he served during tet offensive phases III-V

    When George was a teenager, he underwent hip
    surgery that could have excluded him from joining
    the Military or being unwillingly drafted. He
    successfully petitioned his local government and
    signed a waiver to join the Army. He also extended
    his mandatory tour of duty, again going above and
    beyond what many other his age were doing at the time.
    Out of his sincere desire to serve his country.
    He was only 19 years old, the age of our older
    This was also when many protesters were burning their
    draft cards and doing whatever they could to avoid
    being drafted.
    He gave generously, as many others have, of his life,
    and his duty to country has never been recognized .
    As we all know, Vietnam Veterans were not given the
    "Hero’s Welcome" that our Veterans enjoy today

    George has been trying unsuccessfully for many years
    to obtain benefits for PTSD.Despite being diagnosed
    according to DSM IV criteria by several
    psychiatrists.. He exhibits many symptoms : Severe
    depression , history of polysubstance abuse, emotional
    isolation , and detachment . Physical ailments ,such
    as liver disease ,a compromised immune system
    leading to multiple infections and impaired wound
    healing.Degenerative bone disease leading to over 22
    surgeries over the last 20 years.These numerous
    health problems have left him financially and
    emotionally destitute .He is clinically depressed,
    unable to work and function in the real world and
    relies on disability payments to support himself, and
    our children.
    Our 18 year marriage ended amicably 3 years ago, and
    we continue to raise our girls together.

    George is currently incarcerated
    in ohio.he was
    arrested and sentenced a year ago on drug
    seeking/doctor shopping offenses.I sincerely believe
    that his symptoms and difficulties stem from ptsd.he
    meets all criteria from dsm IV ,yet govenment
    officials deny the claims and the appeals that have
    been pending for over 9 years.we have had assistance
    from our local vets service center with no
    success.George also has a history of suicide attempts.
    one following active duty and several more throughout
    our marriage
    I am an eyewitness to the physical and emotional
    deterioration that developed over the 23 years that I
    have known George.
    We remain comitted to helping George to help himself and
    to be a better father to our girls.
    I am writing this to ask for help for him, and for our
    Is there any other way we can help George?Any
    information would be much appreciated.

    please, if you can, forward this email to anyone who
    might remember him.
    bless you and thank you for your time,
    teri stinson
    [email protected]
    marysville oh

    "What a long strange trip it's been"

    :) :)
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    See if you can obtain a copy of George's last decision letter from the VA. Look in the section labeled "Reasons and Bases" or something very similar. The contents of this section will provide the precise reason the VA ruled unfavorably. I'm not experienced in PTSD issues but I believe all PTSD cases require a "stressor" letter describing the event causing his trauma. I also believe I'd heard that might be waived if the veteran had a CIB or served in direct combat. If that's incorrect, someone with the necessary experience should be along to correct. FWIW, you might want to copy your post to our PTSD forum. Go to the Home page, choose forums and scroll down to PTSD. Open it and post a new message. The folks interested in PTSD hang their hat there. Oh. one other thing. Have you got a service officer for your claim?
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    thank you for your advice.I will cut and paste this post to the ptsd forum.
    what is a service offer?
    the decision from the va states that they have no record that he was anything but apersonnel reality, he was reassigned to the 127th mp, but of course, there is no records,he need peolpe who were there when he was to ssupport his far, I have had no luck in finding anyone.
    thanks again for your help.
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    David Barker, State Service Officer, Ohio!

    Ive E-Mail this to my Freind in Ohio who just happen to work as a VRO in Ohio.
    I hope this will get some answer an I know will help you if its possible,RainVet!


    Dave Barker, AMVETS State Veterans Service Officer, will be inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame on Thursday, November 3, 2005.

    Barker served in the United States Navy from 1958 to 1961 and in the Navy Reserve from 1961 to 1968. He graduated from Morris Harvey College in 1971 and attended Marshall University's Graduate School from 1971 to 1973.

    From 1983 to 1998, Barker served as a Franklin County Veterans Service Officer. He currently serves as the AMVETS State Service Officer, dividing his time between VAMC Chillicothe's main campus and the Portsmouth Community Based Outpatient Clinic (Mondays).

    Barker has been very active in veterans organizations, having helped organize seven different AMVETS Posts, two of which he served as Commander for a total of seven years. He has also been Commander at three different VFW Posts for a total of 5 years, and served 3 years as a Post Commander of the American Legion. He served as the VFW State POW/MIA Chairman from 1984 - 1987.

    Barker has won numerous state and national awards for his work in support of our nation's veterans and has authored three books which are in the Library of Congress along with several articles concerning the effects of Agent Orange and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    The Combat Veteran From World War II to the Present
    © David Barker ; AMVETS Department of Ohio

    George Ondick, Director
    AMVETS Department of Ohio
    1395 E. Dublin Granville Road
    Suite 222
    Columbus, OH 43229

    David Barker, State Service Officer ; [email protected]
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