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Discussion in 'POW/MIA' started by Vietvet1, Jan 23, 2008.

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    This weekend Mercer County PA is holding it's 24th Annual POW/MIA Vigil. It is outside at the Mercer County Courthouse. So far we have been able to be there 24 hours but the cold is getting harder to bear as the years go on. So goes this enemy called age. At 7 PM Saturday, we will have a ceremony at which we have speakers and at the end, we recite all missing in Vietnam from PA. We have incorporated those missing from all of our SW Asian conflicts as well. We always ask the WWII and Korean Vets to be involved and if they have a list of names are always encouraged to join in.

    We are the Mercer Co. (PA) Vietnam Era Veterans Assoc and we got a double whammy. My adjutant/secretary is a wounded Marine Vet of the Vietnam War. His son followed his Dad into the Corps and became our County's first to be killed in Iraq. I have known my Bro many years and I knew his son since he was a little guy. War hurts... no matter what part you play in it. We should remember.

    I am to say a few things in the ceremony and in the last week, it seems we were told of a Veteran claiming to be a POW of the Vietnam War. As I checked for his name in PMSEA and checked with an organization who deals with POW/MIAs... he doesn't show on the lists. So now we are in a project of getting the proper paperwork from him. I find it sad that we have come to this and have in our midst people who may tarnish the sacrifices of our POW/MIAs. So far this is the third to claim his status here in our area. The first 2 were found to be Wannabees and have not stuck their head up again. I have to warn those that claim to be something they are not. The "Stolen Valor Act" was written up in 2005 and became law in 2006. Right now it is a misdemeanor with fines and short imprisonment. It is being revised to become a felony. If you alter a discharge or Gov't document.... it is illegal, if you present yourself as something you aren't...SEAL, Green Beret... etc it is illegal, if you display unearned medals as yours, it fall to illegal. We have to police ourselves and I feel this is time better spent to Honor those who deserve it. ( stepping off my soap box now ).
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    Step back on that soapbox anytime my brother and friend, you are doing just fine. Welcome home.

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