Paid Research Study: Service Members with Suicidal Symptoms & their Romantic Partners

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    Are you a service member or veteran who has recently thought about or attempted suicide? Are you romantically involved with a service member or veteran who has ever wanted or tried to harm themselves? We are conducting a study with current and former military service members and their spouses/partners to try to learn more about how to help families like yours.

    • Your participation will involve an eligibility questionnaire and a background questionnaire followed by two weeks of nightly surveys

    • Participation in the study will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL

    • Surveys can be completed online, at your convenience

    • Service members/veterans complete a 10-15 minute eligibility survey and a 30-60 minute phone interview.

    • Initial questionnaires take 45-90 minutes

    • Nightly surveys should take less than 20 minutes each night

    • Couples can earn up to $125 for participating

    The information gained will be used to help improve existing services and create new services for service members who struggle with suicide and their spouses/romantic partners.

    These surveys are being conducted by Dr. Keith Renshaw and Sarah Carter in the Psychology Department at George Mason University. If you or another family member may be interested in this study please contact the Anxiety, Stress, and Relationships Lab at George Mason University for more information:

    [email protected] 571-308-9776 All email, phone, and voice mail contact is completely confidential.

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