Project Abbey - a new Idea to help veterans in need

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    Hello, everybody!

    After a long thinking, I have decided to take on the largest project in my life. Project Abbey is a new vision focused on helping homeless veterans, as well as the other veterans in distress. There are many programs that are already helping, however, I have decided to take the whole idea to a new level. Rather than throw some irregular help, or offering pointless classes or benefits, the project would help the vets to achieve independence and to help themselves and in turn the other vets. Project Abbey is at the very beginner stage and may seem complicated, however, I truly believe that if we all work together, we can make it work. Be a part of it from the very beginning! As of right now I am looking for feedback and constructive criticism, as well as sharing this information with your friends and families. Please, go over to the project's Facebook page

    and give it some thoughts. Thank you all for your service and happy holidays! Stay safe!

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