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    Hello everyone! Did you know 8,030 Vets commit suicide each year from PTSD? I personally know the struggle, I battled with serious PTSD and depression for many years. I am rated through the VA at 70% just for PTSD. I was always told there was no treatment, that only drugs could help dumb me down. After nearly losing my battle with PTSD I can honestly say I have 0 symptoms!

    When we become chronically stressed certain regions in our brain become over stimulated, these regions control aggression and memory. This is the reason why people tend to snap and are on constant edge.
    PTSD is physical just like any wound, and is 100% curable. IF ANYONE FEELS THEY ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THE BATTLE, PLEASE EMAIL ME [email protected]. Please donate today, anything $1, $2, any donation will be greatly appreciated. Donations will go to the cost of web domains and monthly expenses to keep it running. Please click on the link for more info
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