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    Are you a veteran, service member, or reservist? Your opinions are needed. Please consider taking this survey about Computer-guided Treatment for PTSD.

    Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School are trying to determine if it is possible to help returning Service members cope with PTSD via a computer-based treatment program. We are looking for veterans, service members, and reservists or healthcare providers who treat them, to share their opinions about computer-based treatment for PTSD. We value your opinions. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous.

    Survey website:

    Please feel free to forward this announcement to others who may be interested in sharing their opinions.

    (Please note: This study has been reviewed by the Dartmouth College Committee for Protection of Human Subjects and the Human Research Protection Office of the U.S. Army Medical Research & Material Command.)

    Claudia Zayfert, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Dartmouth Medical School
    Lebanon NH 03756
    Ph: 603-650-7520
    Fax: 603-650-5842

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