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    " A Vietnam Combat Soldier Vision "

    On Jan. 15, 2005, I was sleeping in bed ; total wet,
    When I started to have this Blessed vision saying ;
    Awake RainVet ,visit with me for a short while ,
    For The LORD has sent me to show you his desire !

    Michael W. North who departed earth during his duty
    came to show me a vision and why its not completed
    He was a Soldier who had left me behind in Vietnam
    on a lonely dry hot day at Long Binh in August,1969.

    GOD knows your heart and see's how it is broken
    because of all the lost soul's needs be awakened
    He wants you to seek others to serve with Honor
    JESUS know that you are serving in GOD ARMY .

    RainVet, Michael said, don't be depressed nor confused
    For I live in Heaven now , a better place than you
    JESUS is the way and he knows you know it too ;
    Recruit as many Chirstian soldiers to join with you

    This vision is real but the times and days are few ,
    GOD will Bless the USA if they will choose from two;
    No man can serve two Army's ; so all must decide ;
    An Army who has never lost a battle, or one that die!

    Michael said, RainVet write this down for its your vision,
    From our LORD, showing you what is your mission.
    All must become christian soldiers in GOD'S Army
    Or Live with Satan's Army below in the lake of FIRE !

    RainVet, I must leave you for just a little while but
    GOD wants you to tell all his Christian Soldier's
    That one day you will be in Heaven with us soon ,
    And return to Earth with Jesus for that final battle ,
    for the victory is already Won; in GOD's Army of One !

    (by RainVet )
    RainVet[us]US Army
    Vietnam Combat Vet
    Long Binh 1968/1969
    {GOD Army Of One }
    Vietnam Vet poem's/by May RainVet My Dad)
    Vietnam : Tour of Duty

    In 1968, a man did his time ,
    for his country he did not mind ,
    they asked him for help through the draft ,
    for he knew he had to accept this tast.

    Long Binh was where he was based ,
    he knew he he had to survive this place ,
    he served his country well ,
    halfway around the world was hell .

    He fought for your rights ,
    so we could sleep at night ,
    he fought for his country , he fought for you ,
    with Mississippi being his home town ,
    that is where his family was too .

    When times looked bad ,
    his Faith he did have ,
    for if we believe in GOD we trust ,
    his love will carry all of us .

    He accepted to go to war ,
    although he did not volunteer ,
    he acted his part : he faced his fear ,
    for all this happened in just a year .

    When his duty was done ,
    he returned home ; glory and honor , he had none ,
    not that the war was lost ,
    but for the brothers who died was the cost .

    He could not tell his wife how he felt ,
    for if he lelt it in the past the memories might melt ,
    the truth is the memories are still there ,
    and though this poem I do share .

    He learned the price of freedom you see ,
    death , scares , and hurtful memories ,
    for War Veterans who served your call ,
    I give blessings from us all .

    Thank you Soldiers who have pride ,
    keep your head's held high ,
    for anyone who gave there all , should not be sad ,
    for all of you are Hero's just like my dad ,

    So before you say it wasn't worth it ,
    remember it wasn't your call ,
    for they were a small minority ,
    who presevered FREEDOM for us all .
    Freedom for us all

    Have you ever sat down with a man,
    with tears in his eyes and shaky hands,
    discussing war was hard for him,
    many died, for our land.

    The stories were told,
    the memories were deep inside,
    like there was a fear, something to hide,
    he spoke with grace but deeply with pride.

    This man drove a tank,
    his time took up his rank,
    he believed in a free country for you,
    he fought and watched as others did too.

    People should know what comes from war,
    not just death, injuries, and scars,
    but freedom and justice for all.

    So before you say its not worth it,
    it not your call,
    Remember, how can a minority decide,
    freedom for us all.
    A Veteran Wife Poem By May RainVet :

    A Veteran Wife

    She was young and kind ,
    with her husband on her mine ,
    she knew he had to serve his time ,
    although it hurt to be left behind.

    Her love was never apart ,
    he stayed always in her heart ,
    she said I'd stay with you no matter what,
    as she watched the TV News in fear ,
    she prayed to GOD with her flowing tears.

    When the war was done ,
    her war had just begun ,
    as her husband slept at night ,
    he tossed and turned giving her a fright .

    As she heard his moans and groams ,
    she knew something was wrong ,
    she knew he was hurting ,
    some reason she couldn't lift his burden .

    As she went on , her children would say ,
    stop him from dreaming , make it okay ,
    your daddy who I love and he loves me ,
    Fought for our country so we could be free .

    She try to keep her faith ,
    although hell was at her gate ,
    he fough for his bride ,
    she loved her man and that's no lie .
    A Veteran Wife Poem By May RainVet :
    My Mother ; Pam RainVet
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    I do not know how or why I have never read this thread before,
    but it moved me tonight.

    God bless you brother. Live in God's peace.


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