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    Hello, getting straight to the point I would like to have my RE code changed from RE-4 to re-enter military service. I was initially self referred to SARP(Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program) due to my progression in drinking after my divorce at the age of 21. I self referred with no ARI's on file and it came as a surprise to my command that I was even asking. My goal was to correct an issues before it became an issue. During the beginning of this process I was given an Eval where I made marks of 3.0 and 4.0. (nothing below 3.0).

    While in the SARP program there was one assignment from them that I had forgotten to complete by mistake(not a major one just an emotional questionnaire). I was immediately sat down with the program coordinators and told I was going to be dropped from the course due to my discomfort with "opening up" to people. When sent back to my command I was then told that I would be discharged and was promised by the SC overseeing the process that I would be given an RE-1 so as to be able to re-enlist once I made a trip to VA on the civilian side to clear up any alcohol issues and clear my name so to speak.

    Upon going through the discharge process I was told that there may be a chance to stay in and I should make an appointment with the CO. As I was back at my command working I utilized a non-duty day to go down to the CO's office as instructed. I clarified that the request would be put in to see the CO and my command would give first sign off, her words were "you do not need to worry about mentioning it to your command we will handle that". The appointment comes and I attend only to have the CO say there is nothing he can do. Fair enough I figure so I just continue my path and am then called into the Div. Office where I am berated for not mentioning the appointment to my command and try to explain that I was informed I need not worry about it, apparently that was not the case.

    Upon the final signing of the paperwork my final eval was given to me with all 2.0 and 1.0 marks (I had made no changes to my working attitude uniforms were always pressed clean shaven and all. I did all work to the best of my ability and always at least 5 minutes early to all required posts.) also, I noticed an RE-4 on the DD-214 when I asked why the RE-4 was present I was told that I don't get to ask questions that's what they gave me. I have been told by everyone when I was in and once I got out that I should never have received that discharge but have yet to be able to get it overturned am I out of luck?

    I have already attempted the DD-293 and DD-149 to no avail and in looking at the MILPERSMAN 1160-030 I am not seeing anything there that would have made me applicable for the RE-4 in the first place. I'm thinking I could use the instruction to show wrongful implication but am wanting as many opinions as I can get. any assistance would be appreciated.

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