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    This must be sent before January 17,2008 to reach the White House in Time.

    Web Site:
    E-mail: [email protected]

    (Your Name and address)

    Todays Date)

    The President
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Re: President Must Designate Emergency Funding for VA by Jan. 18

    Dear President Bush:

    I am asking you to invoke the emergency designation in section 235 of Title II of Division I of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008, which would provide $3.7 billion in additional funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As written, the provision requires you to make the emergency designation no later than Jan. 18 in order to release these much-needed funds to the VA.

    Funding shortfalls have challenged VA for many years forcing actions to ration, delay or, in some instances, deny care. In each of the preceding three years, gaps in funding were filled through emergency and supplemental funding measures. Despite these efforts, long-awaited construction projects at VA hospitals remain tabled, wait lists for appointments continue to grow, the number of pending disability claims increases and greatly needed nurses and mental health counselors remain unhired. In short, VA resources are not sufficient to meet the needs of sick and disabled veterans, many of whom are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As you know the veterans healthcare system is an irreplaceable national treasure, critical to the nation and its veterans. The provision of quality, timely care is considered one of the most important benefits afforded veterans.

    A nation has no greater obligation than to provide those who defend it with the benefits they have earned and deserved. As President and Commander-in-Chief, I respectfully request that you initiate the emergency funding designation in the Consolidated Appropriations Act and provide the funding VA needs to care for our nation's heroes.

    (Your Name)
    (Phone Number)
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    Donald,Please e-mail this to me.I'm not good at pasting and cutting and getting things from one place to the other and I do want to be part of this.Thanks,Gloria
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    Gloria, The Pres, says he will sign the bill when he returns from IRAQ. See TinCanMan's posting in the "CURRENT EVENTS" from yesterday. Thanks for being involved. Don

    "Yesterday: Bush Will Release Billions in ‘Contingency’ Funds for Veterans
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    Let's Try to Fix the SBP/DIC Offset When The 2008 NDAA Is Revised 2008 National Defense Authorization Act[capwiz:queue_id]

    Fix Section 644: SBP/DIC Offset

    Please send the following editable text to your Senators and Representatives--

    As you are aware the President returned the 2008 National Defense Authorization act via pocket veto to Congress because of objections to Section 1083: Terrorism Exception to Immunity.

    My presumption is that the Congress, rather than attempting to over ride this veto, will accommodate the President's objections by revising the 2008 NDAA.

    If that be the case, then I strongly urge that you propose one additional revision to the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act before it is returned to the President for signature. That revision would be to replace the current wording of Section 644: Special Survivor Indemnity Allowance for Persons Affected by Required Survivor Benefit Plan Annuity Offset for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, with appropriate wording that would simply restore the fully amount of SBP that is offset by DIC.

    Consider the following: As currently worded Section 644 would grant an allowance of $50/month for 2008, increase by $10 for 5 years and then remain fixed at $100/month. Compare that amount to the 2008 DIC amount of $1091/month. For the 61,000 DIC widows, many living in poverty, this is a meager pittance compared to what full restoration of the offset amount would do for them.

    Please help these DIC widows who were left in the cold when the two tiered SBP step down from 55% to 35% at age 62 was repealed in 2004.

    EMail or call your representative NOW!

    Semper Fi

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