Sleep Apnea and Post Concussion Narcolepsy

Discussion in 'Veterans Disability Commission' started by SSURF, Apr 5, 2014.

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    I'm still active duty set to retire in about 2 years, I was having problem sleeping and staying awake during the day so I had a sleep study the Military sent me to a civilian Dr. for this. It came back with Sleep Apnea which she wants me to us a TAPs a mouth piece instead of a CPAP machine will this be the same rating?
    Second I was also diagnosed with Post Concussion Narcolepsy and put on medicine to help me stay awake during the day. She said this was probably due to my concussion from the EID blast in which I had a mTBI from I don' understand the rating on this it says seizures does that mean every time I have a sleep issue during the day or does it mean me having to go to the hospital?
    Third Narcolepsy is a disqualifier for active duty I'm able to function with my meds most of the time and can tell when have an issues coming but will I get med boarded?

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