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Discussion in 'Disability' started by Ruffcreek, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I am a 61 year old Viet Nam combat vet with a 60% disability rating. (50% PTSD, 20% diabetes, and 10% tinnitus). I am presently unemployed.

    I have one claim in the process of being appealed and another 1st time claim in process.

    Hopefully the outcome will be favorable in at least one of these claims.

    My questions are:

    Should I file for TDIU before I know the outcome of these claims? If I should file should I first do an informal claim or do I use another form.

    How about SS Disability—should I apply for it now and would it be a good idea to hire an attorney?

    I have been getting conflicting advice from those much smarter at this than I am. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.


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    you dont have a thing to lose by applying for SS. make sure you have your medical records with everything that is a problem is in there. i applied for SS as soon as i retired when the active army gave me 40% disability and i had my med records and it was apporoved withing a month after i retired.

    hold off on the lawyer until they turn you down, that is if they turn you down.
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    You say you have a claim on appeal and an initial claim. I can tell you your appeal is on the back burner till your initial claim is decided. Now you think you should put in another claim for IU. I wouldn't do that as your appeal will be delayed even farther and beside, the VA is supposed to consider you for IU anytime you are in range. Do you have a physicians written opinion you are unemployable based exclusively on your service connected disabilities?

    You also want to know if you should apply for SSDI and if you should hire an attorney. I'd do this myself the first time if I had a doctors opinion I was unemployable but then you say you are 61. I'm not an expert but believe SSDI will end at 62 and be mostly replaced by regular SS based on earnings. Your call.

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