Testicular Cancer

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    I served from July 05 to October 09 and was deployed from july 07 to october 08 to iraq as a blackhawk helicopter mechanic. In november of 2010my girlfriend discovered a lump on my left testicle. it was rather large and sensitive to the touch...with one touch she sentme to my knees. I went to the doc immediately at the va outpatiente clinic in twin falls Idaho only to be told hat it wa nothing. After months of being ignored by my va doctors in Idaho I decided that I had to go to a va hospital that was closer to a military base so I packed my bags and headed for Sa Diego, CA in mid february. My first visit to VA San Diego they treated my problem like it was an infection. after two weeks of their treatment not working they scheduled me to have an ultrasound. Not even ten minutes after the ultrasound they called me into the emegency room and told me that I infact had testicular cancer. After the surgery and lots of test my onchologist told me that if i didnt start treatment within 2 months i would not live to see my birthday in june. Fortunately my birthday is past now. The cancer had spread from the left testicle into the lymphnodes in my back and up into the lower left quadrant of my left lung. That beeing said thank you VA San Diego for saving my life.

    My questions are:
    1) Can testicular cancer be conected to service and if so how?
    2) Is there anything I can do to ensure that our fellow veterans in Idaho and across the country do not get treated as I did in Idaho?
    3) where do you draw the line on medical malpractice or is the VA simply exempt from the law?
    4) is it possible that had the Idaho VA rendered proper treatment that the cancer would not have been so far progressed that it required chemo therapy thereby rendering me sterile?

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