The Most Common Causes of Inflammation and The Relationship to Gut Health

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    Soluble fiber will ferment once in the colon IGR Plus Review and this fermentation is what feeds our good bacteria there so it can multiply and improve all functions of the intestinal tract and digestive system, in turn, improving our over all health. It can be that simple. Fiber, more specifically, prebiotics will improve your gut health.One of the biggest recent medical revelations is the vital connection between gut health and wellness. Ongoing scientific research suggests that the microbiome, the good bacteria in our gut, helps prevent (perhaps even heal) autoimmune diseases. In fact, our bodies are full of more healthy bacteria than actual human cells!

    Being that the gut is the center of our immune system (making up almost 80 percent), it's incredibly important to develop nourishing routines and practices. Although a healthy microbiome is partially inherited, there are many choices you can make to ensure a functioning, protected, and flourishing immune system - read on below to learn more!

    Characterized by the immune system targeting normal proteins as though they are harmful invaders, there are over 80 types of autoimmune diseases. This high alert reaction results in a chronically inflamed immune system. Often debilitating, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or celiac disease have a massive impact on everyday life. Increasing numbers of medical experts believe that microbiome imbalances can play a part in triggering autoimmune issues.

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