This Year's National POW/MIA Day

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    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of
    Pete McCaffrey
    Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 10:59

    Please be aware that this year National POW/MIA Day will be observed on
    Friday 19 September 2008.

    The day is annually observed on the third (3rd) Friday of September.

    I've attached a link to the poster for your use.

    Pete McCaffrey
    POW/MIA Committee
    VVA Mass. State Council
    USMC 1962-66

    Thanks Johnny,

    Semper Fi
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    SA hame


    I personally think this poster is an all time low for the designers of these items. I know I am not alone and have many orgs here that have sent them back out of shear disgust.

    The head of the National Lerague of Families, Ann Mills Griffiths, verbally made her disappointment in the poster known at the DAV National Convention in Las Vegas this year.

    Below is the web site of the National Alliance of Families.....
    National Alliance of Families

    Go to the index on the left of the page and click on....

    Cast your Vote!
    2008 POW/MIA Day Poster

    Both the Alliance and League are the MAJOR organizations of Families of those men and women who are still missing from our conflicts.

    Now back to this abomination of a poster for our POWs and MIAs. The text faden in the top of the poster reads.... "In these gardens are recorded the names of Americans who gave their lives in the service of their country and whose earthly resting place is known only to God" What ... if any part of that, would pertain to the possibility of ANY LIVE AMERICANS. Live sighting reports still come in from South East Asia. I know for a fact that there has been NO followup on any of these since 1998. How do I know??? Because I have sat in and was part of a meeting with Charles Ray, Head of the DPMO and Assistant Sec Def. Our Government has continued to bury the issue every year that goes by.

    I think it is very plausible that there are live Americans in SEA and regardless of the reasons they remain.... our Government continues to push the issue into the corner. Please remember this... for many years, up to the present... South Korean Soldiers captured by the North during the Korean War, are still leaking out of North Korea, mostly through China. This from a war 55 years ago. While I was in Vietnam, they were still finding Japanese soldiers still alive on islands in the South Pacific who still thought we were at war.

    I will not accept this poster as anything more than another try to finish off an important part of this issue. If anyone who reads this ever has a chance to attend the National Alliance and League meetings in June of every year... I think your eyes would become very wide open. I have missed one year in the last decade.

    And... Did you ever wonder why HRes111 ( Calls for a House Select Committee on POW-MIAs ) has 280 cosponsors and still is not allowed to come to the floor of the House for a vote?? Out of 435 possible votes... almost 2/3 of the House wants it. With 2/3 of the House votes.... they can VETO anything proposed by our President but... not enough juice to bring this Resoltion to the floor for a vote..... Do you wonder why????? Well so do I but I have my thoughts. Remember... this is the same Government who wanted to bury an "unkown" Vietnam War remains in the Tomb of the Unknown? There is plenty of proof that OUR Government knew whose remains were being sealed in that tomb.... those of Michael Blassie. I had the opportunity of going through the contents of the tomb, permission given by Michael Blassie's sister. These were items, other than the remains. Just through what was going to remain buried with him, they could and most likely did, identify him before burial. I took pictures of the proof and still have them in my possession. I love my country but fear my Government. No family should have been denied closure, just to fill a grave. Now the Blassie family is whole again but..... how many other "little secrets" prevent other families of the same???

    So, when you go to the functions for the POW-MIAs... Honor them but always hold a little place to question. I had the Honor of being part of 2 ceremonies for POW-MIA Recognition Day, one at Scotland School for Veterans Children and the other at the Moving Wall at the PA Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg. At the School I was given the opportunity to talk on the history of the POW-MIA Issue in all of our Modern Wars, from the Civil War to the present. My time there was great, as the students were truly interested.

    I hope my entry here doesn't make anyone upset. I only know, what I know. My heart goes out to those families who still wait.

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