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    Check your Blood Pressure - If you suffer Tinnitus 911 Review from high blood pressure, it could be the reason for your pulsating ear, or at least it's making it much louder. Start changing your nutrition to low fat, low sugar diet and monitor your blood pressure every day to see how it goes down. Pay attention: Is the pulsating ringing getting weaker as your blood pressure drops? Than you have found cure for your tinnitus!

    Regular aerobic exercise - The most effective and quick way to reduce blood pressure is a daily walk. This means at least half an hour of walking fast without stopping. This is known to be a miracle cure for high blood pressure. Do it every day of the week and you'll see the amazing results.
    Ginko Biloba - Many pulsatile tinnitus sufferers have reported a significant improvement in their condition after a short period of taking a daily dosage of Ginko Biloba. Start gradually and never take more than recommended for your age and weight.

    The weird thing about tinnitus is that there are many natural and not so natural ways to lower the volume in your ears. Some of them work great for some people and do absolutely no good for others. Sometimes anti-anxiety medication and muscle relaxants are helpful for tinnitus, but they are not worth the side effects and are not recommended for long term use. You have to find the right solution for YOU, so you have to try every method out there and to be aware of all kinds of treatments.

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