Tokoyo Surprise

Discussion in 'POW/MIA' started by Shannon Bridget Murphy, Sep 17, 2006.

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    A former WWII nurse, Toyo Ishi, recently revealed that she had a significant part in burying hundreds of American soldiers in the Japanese capital. Living prisoners of war were made into wartime experiments.

    These are the same prisoners of war that the Japanese have claimed that they have been totally in the dark about during all of this time?

    I was not alive during WWII. The Japanese have claimed injustice throughout my lifetime for dropping the bomb. If it had happened sooner, this may not have happened.

    If they had a repentent spirit, it seems unusual that they would have waited all of these years to inform us about this Tokoyo surprise. One can only wonder what other secrets they still harbor.

    Shannon Bridget Murphy

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