VA Disability BackPay Confusion

Discussion in 'Disability' started by IMSTBY, May 25, 2012.


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    I submitted a clain in September of 2010, went to the VA hospital in Wilmington in May of 2011 and finally got a 70% rating in May of 2012. I've been talking with my VA rep and she is adamant that there will be no backpay heading my way. She was babbling about since I'm a retiree, I will not get the backpay. Sounds like a crock to me. Everyone else I've talked to (other vets and my "friendly" DAV rep) report that I will received backpay from when the claim was intitially received by the VA. The VA rep told me that she has only been doing this for 5 months so I'm guessing she is just unaware of how it works, but I'm hoping that there are some measures in place to identify any error she may make to resolve the issue before I need to get into a prolonged battle and wait for the backpay. Has anyone else had a similiar experience? Does anyone know if there are some safeguards in place to identify problems before they become bigger problems? Thanks.

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