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Discussion in 'PTSD' started by Don Nutter, Aug 23, 2017.

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    I recently went to the V.A. mental health in Tampa VA for PTSD and substance abuse. They had a long waiting list and tried to sent me to a shitty rehab that was full of on veterans addicts and alcoholic. They were a lock down facility. I told the VA I wanted to use the veterans choice program and they gave me a hard time. I was persistent with my demands and got the referral. Then the VA mental health doctor told me the only place he could send me is N. Tampa Behavioral. I check them out they state the had a veterans section. After talking with past clients I found out they were a lock down mental health facility. I called the VA Choice Program they suggested I check out a new Veterans Only treatment center in Youngstown Ohio called California Palms Veterans Treatment Center. I almost did not call them because I am in Florida and they were in Ohio. I called and it was the best thing I ever did. The owner Sebastian was very kind and told me he would pay for my flight. He turn a luxury hotel into a veterans treatment center. I have been thru multiple treatment programs over the years who rammed AA down your throat. I had a private room. I would love to share there website if it is ok with the veterans who read this do not mind. CHECK THEM OUT> VERY COOL TREATMENT CENTER

    Regards Don N.

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