What can be termed mental disability? I have suffered from depression since leaving the service 30

Discussion in 'General Medical' started by Lortech, May 14, 2016.

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    I was going though a rough time at the end of my term and had so much depression I wanted to commit suicide. Its sad because another fellow airman who was very quiet while eating next to him commited suicide after leaving the service. I have had lots of financial hardship in my life. I have had probebly 30 jobs. I can have anxiety issues when on the job and lost my last job not totally my fault but only lasted three weeks.

    How does one qualify for mental disability? How can I say its service related? I was never involved in combat. Thirty years go, my Shop chief a Master Sargent said I had personal problems "I think it was anxiety and depression untreated".

    What does the VA use to qualify for partial disability? I have been very thankful that I have never been in trouble with the law so that is good thing. I was also very fortunate I separated with a honorable discharge.
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    Hi Lortech say your post. I'm fighting this battle right now with the VA. I'm on Zoloft for Anxiety & depression and Colinipan for panic attacks. I retired in 1985.
    I also spent time in military mental health facilities at Clark AFB PI , Wilford Hall and EGLIN AFB. The VA told me my mental illness was not service related. Yet I suffered during my entire career and am still messed up even now. If you would like to talk to me any time please feel free to call me at home ( 850 ) 682-7051 and cell phone ( 850 ) 376-9495. They don't have a partial disability but you need to get in touch with a DAV SERVICE OFFICER for the best results don't go through the regular VSO at the VA CLINICS.

    Call me we need to talk.

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