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    Hello everyone
    I wanted to take a moment and ask a few questions regarding my recent VA claim denials.
    I filed 3 claims in July, for 3 separate conditions that I have been living with and working my life around since 2005 when I left the service.
    Now if I may begin by saying I do not feel as if I am owed by anyone, I'm not looking for a easy paycheck. I have worked for everything I have since i was 15.
    But I most certainly feel that all three conditions I filed claim for are valid, and that they are connected to my military service time.
    I am rated at 30% for a digestive condition that began immediately after being exposed to hazardous chemicals while attending NTC in California. When i say immediately, i mean like the week after I returned home my life was forever different.
    Everyone noticed it except my fellow service members. Long story short I was cut from the team and received my 30% post discharge.
    Back to my claims, all three were denied for the reason , signs of prior symptoms before service and no signs of issues after.
    I live 1 hour from the Va, I work full-time and since 2015 there has been many times I had to use a local provider for treatment. I provided the VA with all the documentation I could get from private providers as well as pharmacy that i was prescribed meds for claimed conditions.
    My c and p exam was less than optimal, I knew they would be looking to discredit my claim every chance they could .
    My question is where can i find the information they found that shows I had these conditions at the age 19?
    I know being 19 and having a 60 year old physician at Meps trick you into saying you have this and that is more likely what they drew from.
    But if that were the case no one would ever win their claims.
    I am planning to appeal all three claims, and I just do not know how to gain any leverage.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Sorry for the long post.

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