Why Pets Are Beneficial to the Elderly

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    Elderly people often have a sense of loneliness Brain Training For Dogs Review as they are in most cases already past the child rearing stage. As such, they need things to keep them busy and pets come in handy. This is primarily based on the fact that the elderly feel the need to have to care for somebody and that they have company around. Research has shown that pets give older people a sense of being useful and that they still have the capability of caring for someone. It has been found out that a dog gives elderly people the feeling of forgetting their problems and live their lives in meaningful ways.

    Interestingly, pets help older people to start getting interested in events in their surrounding and also participating in those that they find appealing. They also serve as a living role model for people who passed away and do become the objectives of affection after death of a loved one. Other than that, they serve as company in times of loneliness. Pets have been known to force a sense of physical activity in their owners as they need to be fed, played with and at times taken for a walk.

    As the pet owner engages in such activities for the overall good of the pet, they will find themselves wanting to exercise even in the absence of the pet. Security wise, pets such as dogs are reassurance of a comfortable night as they are naturally guards in their own right and will always alert their owners in case an intruder comes by.


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