Wrong time to serve?

Discussion in 'General Benefits' started by Mowpar, Jan 30, 2018.

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    i joined the military June 75, and got out June 78. Seems I missed the Vietnam era by a very short margin, and when I got out nothing war like happened. So I guess I wasted my time serving in peace time. Not my fault no wars were available during my tenure.
    I have tried to apply for some benifits (medical) at my local VA office. I was informed after sending in the required paper work that I and my spouse make too much money to qualify. I am 62 now receiving Medicaid, my wife is also disabled, and on Medicaid.
    I was led to believe I could get help from VA to get hearing aids, their costs are astronomical. But I guess I make to much money on disability who would have guessed.

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