RAO Bulletin Update 01 September 2007

This bulletin update contains the following articles: VA Retro Pay Project [07] (75% Processed) NDAA 2008 [08] (Unresolved Issues) SSA Congressional Coverage (Who Contributes?) Military Travel Discounts & Offers (Vacation Ideas) Agent Orange Dig in Alaska (Buried 40 Years) Complementary & Alternative Medicine (FDA Limits) Alzheimer’s [03] (Heart Impact on Brain) Army Retired Soldiers Pin […]

RAO Bulletin Update 15 August 2007

This bulletin update contains the following articles: Tricare Hospice Care (Coverage) Military Spouse Monument (Proposed) VA Claims Assistance [03] (Triple Compensation) Fisher House Expansion [01] (Tampa Opens) Tricare Uniform Formulary [21] (Changes Announced) Publix Prescription Offer (No Cost Antibiotics) Filipino Vet Inequities [05] (Republicans Protest) VDBC [20] (CRDP Recommendation Reversed) Minnesota Veterans Homes (Commission Appointed) […]

RAO Bulletin Update 01 August 2007

This bulletin update contains the following articles: NDAA 2008 [06] (In Limbo) VA Suicide Call Center [01] (Help a Call Away) Vet Cemetery Alabama (Land Purchased) VA Data Breach [36] (53 Computers Lost) Medicare Hospice Care (How it Works) Veteran Federal Employment [04] (RC Vet Preference) Wounded Warrior Assistance [03] (Senate Passes Bill) Mobilized Reserve […]

Mesothelioma and Veterans

Mesothelioma is rare disease that forms in the lining of the lungs called the ‘mesothelium.’ This lining serves as a barrier against harmful cells that could be inhibiting the body. It also contains fluid that allows the organs to move freely and without friction around the body. This cancerous disease can also be found in […]

Troop Care Panel Will Find Truth

President Bush said Wednesday the bipartisan panel he named to investigate problems at the nation’s military and veterans hospitals would work to restore confidence in the system of caring for wounded troops. “Any report of medical neglect will be taken seriously by this administration,” Bush said in an Oval Office meeting with the co-chairmen of […]