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The latest American Veteran news regarding the VA, Veterans Benefits, PTSD, GI Bill eligibility, and many other hot topics.

Wreath Company Reminds Us To Honor Fallen Soldiers

Maine received an enormous amount of positive publicity last week. Morrill Worcester of the Worcester Wreath company, and hundreds of volunteers, delivered 5,000 wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery. It was Worcester’s mission to honor and remember our veterans as well as teach about their sacrifice. The ceremony was an unusual enough occurrence that 17 TV […]

Woman quilts for Veterans

The 76-year-old woman hopes her finished products chase away the chills for homeless veterans as well. Earlier this year, Troutman, who has lived with her husband in the same house in Mustang for 42 years, heard about a homeless veteran who died. She decided her quilt-making hobby had a new purpose. “I was watching the […]

Veterans, survivors and descendants gather for Pearl Harbor’s 65th anniversary

As military veterans who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor gather in Honolulu for what many describe as their last hurrah, a younger generation stands ready to carry on their legacy and preserve the memory of the thousands who perished on that infamous day. “This is a very key point in our history, where the […]

Agent Orange linked with prostate problems

U.S. researchers say they’ve determined dioxin, the toxin contained in the Vietnam-era herbicide Agent Orange, limits the growth of the prostate gland. The Air Force Health Study shows the toxin might suppress male hormones, causing infertility and decreased bone and muscle mass, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The research that started in 1982 is directed […]