Woman quilts for Veterans

The 76-year-old woman hopes her finished products chase away the chills for homeless veterans as well.

Earlier this year, Troutman, who has lived with her husband in the same house in Mustang for 42 years, heard about a homeless veteran who died.

She decided her quilt-making hobby had a new purpose.

“I was watching the news one night about a funeral for a homeless vet, and I thought, I could give my quilts,” she said.

Troutman has donated nearly 30 quilts to a program for homeless veterans through the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

Program spokeswoman Pam Williams-Stark said she picked up 28 quilts from Troutman that are now set aside for homeless veterans living on the streets or sleeping in their cars.

“The quilts help keep them warm, which can help cut down on a number of illnesses,” Williams-Stark said.

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