Wreath Company Reminds Us To Honor Fallen Soldiers

Maine received an enormous amount of positive publicity last week. Morrill Worcester of the Worcester Wreath company, and hundreds of volunteers, delivered 5,000 wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery.

It was Worcester’s mission to honor and remember our veterans as well as teach about their sacrifice. The ceremony was an unusual enough occurrence that 17 TV cameras including the four major networks were there. It was a way of connecting the symbols of America and Christmas.

Many of the volunteers had family buried in the cemetery.

Laura McGreevey, whose husband was a Navy Seal that was killed in Afghanistan, came to visit with her children. Her gracious presence reminded us that the tombstones represent sacrifice and that it is important to honor and remember.

Reminding Americans to honor and remember fallen soldiers is exactly what Morrill Worcester and his wife Kathy set out to do.

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