Dakim BrainFitness Adopted by Arizona State Veteran Home

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Dakim, Inc. announced today that Phoenix’s Arizona State Veteran Home (ASVH), a 200-bed facility that serves the long-term care and rehabilitative needs of the military veterans of Arizona, has adopted the Dakim® BrainFitness™ System to provide residents with daily cognitive stimulation. Dakim’s entertaining touch screen-based system is designed both for dementia prevention and for stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation.

ASVH is a Medicare-certified skilled nursing facility for physically and cognitively impaired veterans that is owned and operated by the state of Arizona. The facility installed the Dakim unit in October to enhance its therapeutic programming, drawn both by Dakim’s fun-to-play multimedia brain games and a self-service touch-activated design that significantly reduces the need for caregiver assistance and associated costs.

Dakim users at ASVH include younger residents interested in maintaining their brain health, TBI and Parkinson’s patients, veterans with mild dementia, and at least one stroke victim for whom virtually all other activities are not physically possible.

Fresh Therapeutic Outlet
“Our Dakim Computer Lab, as we call it, opens up a whole new therapeutic avenue for our residents. We don’t have anything else with the same level of cognitive challenge or the staffing to spend 20 or 30 minutes a day on cognitive therapy one-on-one with a given resident, but Dakim lets them do it themselves or, in the case of residents suffering from dementia, with community volunteers,” said Leslie Goin, ASVH Therapeutic Programs Manager. “It’s so enjoyable that some of our residents use it voluntarily every day.”

“Dakim BrainFitness is used by more than 400 senior living communities as well as at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to assist soldiers with TBI in regaining cognitive function, but ASVH is our first placement in the veterans home market,” said Dakim CEO Dan Michel. “It’s an ideal application for our technology.”

Self-Adjusting Brain Workouts

Played on a special touch screen computer that requires no mouse, keyboard or computer knowledge, Dakim BrainFitness offers original brain-building activities filled with colorful images, stories, humor, and oldies film and music clips appropriate to the senior and veterans audiences. Activities are updated every few days to sustain interest; self-adjusted for capabilities ranging from active users to early-stage Alzheimer’s patients; and designed with the appearance and humor of a TV game show to keep users engaged.

Each 20-minute Dakim BrainFitness session exercises short- and long-term memory, critical thinking, visuospatial orientation, calculation and language for a thorough brain workout. Activities range from anagrams and name-that-tune challenges to interactive puzzles and narrated literary passages with follow-up questions. Friendly and frequently humorous voiceovers explain each challenge as well as offering encouragement, even if users give wrong answers.

A free 30-day trial is available to qualified facilities by calling Dakim Inc. at (800) 856-5502. Consumers can purchase the system for home use at www.dakim.com or by calling 888-MY-DAKIM.

About Dakim, Inc.
Dakim, Inc., is the leading provider of brain fitness programs that provide rigorous cognitive stimulation to help reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia as well as expedite the process of regaining cognitive function after a stroke or traumatic brain injury. The company’s flagship product, Dakim BrainFitness, offers an entertaining multimedia brain workout that is available as a software product for home use or integrated on a touchscreen computer for senior living communities. The hardware-based edition is the #1 brain training program in the senior living market because of its innovative format and ability to be used with virtually no caregiver assistance. The company is a 2010 CES Innovations Award Honoree and also received an Innovations in Healthcare ABBY Award from the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization. Dakim is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit www.dakim.com.

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