Phony Navy SEAL of the Week: John Hoven

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BLASTS Phony Navy SEAL of the Week John Hoven, the Bed Bug Guy. John Hoven resides in a Trailer Park (Go Figure) in Southeast Portland, Oregon. John STOLE, I’m sure, over $50,000 from the good people of Portland and thousands on man-hours on his filthy Trailer. The amount of new footage that captured his SEAL hat and Flags demonstrates that this was ONLY done because John claimed to be a NAVY SEAL… John Hoven is in the Top 5 most despicable phonies I’ve ever had the displeasure to speak with.

To think… That the guys who killed Bin Laden could be represented by a Poster Child for “Trailer Park Trash.” He was NEVER a Navy SEAL. He is a Fake, Fraud, Phony, Impostor.

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