Biobalance Integrated Wellness Revolutionizes Care for Veterans Suffering from PTSD and TBI with Neurofeedback Recovery Program

A unique new program designed by a Southeastern Arizona company, Biobalance Integrated Wellness, may revolutionize care for veterans with symptoms of neurological injury such as PTSD and TBI. The small business is implementing a new program titled: Trauma Resiliency and Integrated Neurotrainer (TRAIN) combining an established Brain Paint ™ EEG neurofeedback system with peer recovery support Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) methods.

Tina Buck, PhD, President of Biobalance stated: “Our company plans to recruit & train a workforce of former military trained medics/corpsmen to carry out the services offered. Because these men and women are already respected by military and veterans they are better equipped to process and debrief using TRM skills. Extensive clinical research has demonstrated that neurofeedback is very effective.”

Two studies with combat veterans resulted in 100% of subjects no longer meeting criteria for diagnosis of PTSD. A researcher from Harvard Medical School analyzed non-identified data from 699 subjects with PTSD who used BrainPaint™ software: “Progress in PTSD symptoms was rapid among the population studied. After seven sessions, 84% report improvement in their symptoms, and after twenty sessions, 93% report improvement in their symptoms. As BrainPaint™ is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention.”

Dr. Buck stated: “Neurofeedback is considered a form of self-regulation: nothing comes into the brain from the outside. Technology is used to amplify, translate, and guide brainwave activity – like a mirror – so the brain can understand how to stabilize results with repetition. With BrainPaint™ there is no need to diagnose and painful memories do not have to be recalled. Just as military and veterans train their bodies to be resilient, they also can train their brains. The model removes barriers to care: no diagnosis plus no ‘treatment’ equals no stigma.”

The vision of Biobalance is to provide their TRAIN program to all military and veterans. Their model is cost effective, evidence-based, and fit for military culture. The results are lasting and can show rapid and measurable results. The company is seeking funding from the DoD, VA, or private resource to launch their much-needed program for helping veterans with symptoms of neurological injury. Estimates suggest that 20-40% of returning veterans suffer from these terrible conditions and those effected range into the hundreds of thousands.

To view a veteran testimonial on use of BrainPaint for PTSD see For more information about Biobalance Integrated Wellness please visit their website at More information on technical specifications and personal demonstrations are available upon request.

SOURCE Biobalance Integrated Wellness

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