Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK: Stolen Valor Phonies in the Goose Blind with Don Shipley Part SEVEN. Cameron Gamble-Sherri Papini

Don Shipley Phonies in the Goose Blind Part SEVEN. The Cameron Gamble Story. Cameron’s actions as a kidnapping negotiator were perhaps the sole reason Sherri Papini was released from her abductors. For his incredibly daring actions Cameron was rewarded by being labeled a military fake by many and he WAS NOT. Cameron is owed an apology by those cowards who characterized him a phony and deserves our help to undo the despicable written claims posted against him on the Internet.

Cameron Gamble is a good man. Creative, talented, highly intelligent and undeserving, EXCEPTIONALLY undeserving, of the injustice thrown at his families feet by the uneducated who attacked him and the ones who blindly followed the insanity of the ignorant. Don Shipley BUDS 131. SEAL Team One, SEAL Team Two. Join the FIGHT…

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