VA creates National Women Veterans Oncology System of Excellence in fight against breast cancer

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today it is developing a National Women Veterans Oncology System of Excellence through research, partnerships precision oncology and teleoncology that will provide women Veteran oncology patients with cutting edge care and access to potentially lifesaving clinical trials.

Through the National Women Veterans Oncology System of Excellence and current partnerships with The National Cancer Institute, academic medical centers and others, VA is uniquely situated to provide care via teleoncology and decentralized clinical trials to Women Veterans nationwide.

“Each year, an estimated 700 women Veterans enrolled in VA health care are diagnosed with breast cancer — calculating to one in eight women diagnosed within their lifetime,” said Acting VA Deputy Secretary Pamela Powers. “VA’s continued  work  with partnerships, research and innovations are leading to faster cures and better outcomes. Our Veterans deserve no less.”

Partnerships with medical and research universities will help advance and expand VA’s teleoncology and other services to provide the best cancer care and treatment options to women Veterans across the nation.

As part of this effort, VA is seeking to partner with more oncology medical and research organizations and universities that deliver world-class care and research. For information on becoming a VA partner, contact [email protected].

Learn more about VA health services for women Veterans.

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