Agent Orange linked with prostate problems

U.S. researchers say they’ve determined dioxin, the toxin contained in the Vietnam-era herbicide Agent Orange, limits the growth of the prostate gland. The Air Force Health Study shows the toxin might suppress male hormones, causing infertility and decreased bone and muscle mass, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The research that started in 1982 is directed […]

Military service linked to Lou Gehrig’s disease

WASHINGTON – Military service, particularly in the Gulf War, may be linked to development of Lou Gehrig’s disease, the Institute of Medicine said Friday. The evidence, however, is limited and inconsistent, the Institute said. The degenerative nerve disease, formally known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, gradually destroys the ability to control movement. Patients lose […]

The new Veterans among us, women

CHICAGO – When Maj. Margaret Oglesby went to Washington in 2004 for a celebration of black women veterans who had served in combat, she was stunned to feel, for once, not alone. Throughout her nearly nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, she was accustomed to being in her own category: a woman, an African-American, an officer, a […]

Agent Orange exposure tied to Vietnam vets’ ills

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Vietnam veterans who sprayed the herbicides like Agent Orange decades ago in Vietnam are at an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic breathing problems, a new study shows. Agent Orange, a weed killer containing dioxin, was widely used during the Vietnam War, Dr. Han […]