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The latest American Veteran news regarding the VA, Veterans Benefits, PTSD, GI Bill eligibility, and many other hot topics.

The new Veterans among us, women

CHICAGO – When Maj. Margaret Oglesby went to Washington in 2004 for a celebration of black women veterans who had served in combat, she was stunned to feel, for once, not alone. Throughout her nearly nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, she was accustomed to being in her own category: a woman, an African-American, an officer, a […]

Agent Orange exposure tied to Vietnam vets’ ills

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Vietnam veterans who sprayed the herbicides like Agent Orange decades ago in Vietnam are at an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic breathing problems, a new study shows. Agent Orange, a weed killer containing dioxin, was widely used during the Vietnam War, Dr. Han […]

Kerry draws Republican fire over Iraq remarks

The Republican Party on Tuesday gained a late burst of energy in its flagging mid-term congressional election campaign following remarks by John Kerry, the losing 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, in which he appeared to denigrate US soldiers serving in Iraq. Mr Kerry, who is also planning to put his name forward for the 2008 Democratic […]

Veterans group grades lawmakers

When it comes to looking out for veterans, federal lawmakers in New York scored slightly better than those in other states, but have plenty of room for improvement, an advocacy group said Monday. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a political action committee, issued a report card of legislators’ votes on veterans issues, handing the […]

Veterans Needing Help Are Backlogged 4 to 8 Years

Jim Davis and Perry Edenfield, and their Organization “Veterans-For-Change” with members nationwide totaling 60,000+ and growing are asking in writing all members of congress address the issues of the Veterans Affairs. The lack of funding to provide benefits, medical treatment, medications, rehabilitation, better medical facilities, more and better trained Veteran Service Officers, faster processing of […]